Christina Fernandez: "The state is essential"


On the occasion of the celebration for Flag Day, they hold a meeting in which, in addition to the vice president, the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi; and the general secretary of the CTA, Hugo Yasky, among others.

Cristina spoke at the CTA.

Cristina spoke at the CTA.

Vice President Cristina Fern├índez de Kirchner warned this Monday that today “we warn a formidable attack on the state” and lashed out at those who say “every day that the State is crap and is useless.”

In this context, the former president maintained that “the market” caused the crises so far in the first quarter of the 21st century and that “the State” came to the aid of society.

Speaking at the Flag Day event in Avellaneda, the vice president said that the state “is essential.”

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