Child teaches Marcelo Flores how to make tacos

Currently Marcelo Flores is one of the most promising players of the Mexican National Team, and despite his young age of 18, the Canadian-born is already emerging as a possible candidate to travel to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

However, while his course is being defined, a video began to spread through social networks where a young fan is observed teaching the midfielder to make one of the most typical meals in Mexico, the delicious tacos.

Through a TikTok account, it is possible to observe the little boy, with the Brazilian shirt, while he served as a chef and made the tacos, in the short clip the boy shows him from the meat to the tortillas that they are going to use.

Although the Mexican player did not appear at first, it was not until the end of the video that he tasted the tacos that the young sports fan made, while they were prepared with lemon and salt.

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