Central receives Sarmiento de Chaco in a high-voltage match

Central Norte, which is second in the position table of zone B, will receive the third Sarmientofrom Chaco, in a match that he invites you to watch in the preview.

This game is very important for coach Lula Zurita, who wants to continue his winning streak to climb higher, when There are only two dates left to finish the first round.

Three changes will have the team for tonight. Hernán Rosales, reached the fifth yellow and must meet a suspension date and his place will be taken by Cristian Chavarría. For his part, Iván Antunes will make his debut on the right side, a place left vacant by Pablo Figueroa, who decided to disassociate himself from Cuervo.

Another one who will enter is Augusto Berrondo, striker who recovered from his injury and will be in the lead today.

The team will start with the following lineup: Hass; Antunes, Rodriguez, Calderon and Morello; Chavarria, Capurro, Carrizo; Berrondo, Magno and Rios.

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