Camila Arteche Wins Best Performance Award at the Hollywood North Film Awards

The Cuban actress Camila Arteche won one of the awards “Best Performance” that grants the Hollywood North Film Awardsfor the short boxer.

On her Instagram account, Camila shared her emotions after receiving the award: “You don’t work for awards. I work for myself, because I am passionate about her, and for the people, because I love creating awareness by telling stories.”

However, the actress recognized that when receiving recognition of this type, the joy is enormous: “My people, what happiness when they recognize the effort! And I want to share this joy with you, who are always here. Thank you Hollywood North Film Awards for recognizing boxer”.

The audiovisual, written and directed by Oldren Romero in 2019, it was selected “Best International Short” and also won the “Best Editing” awards; “Best photography”, by Alexander González; and “Best Makeup and Hairdressing”, which went to Magdalena Álvarez; which is why Camila Arteche extended the congratulations to her entire team.

A congratulations to all the winners were posted on the event’s official Instagram account following the announcement of this edition’s awards: “Congratulations to all the exceptionally talented independent filmmakers who have taken home the victories at the Hollywood North Film Awards.” of this year”.

On his preparation to take on this role in boxerCamila Arteche said in an interview to SportCuba who practiced boxing for three months: “I loved it. I never thought I would wear so much of one, because it is a great wear and tear”.

Regarding this sport, the actress pointed out on that occasion that “the fact that women in Cuba do not practice it is one of the many discriminations they experience (…). It seems to me that it is a decision that concerns the woman herself. Deep down I think it is not so aggressive, that is, quite a few means of protection are used”.

In 2020, Camila Arteche won the award for “Best Latin Actress” at the MLC Awards awarded by the American festival of the same name.

The award on that occasion was for his performance in another short, it happened in heaven (2017), in which he shared the scene with the Cuban actor Enrique Molina.

The Hollywood North Film Awards, which this time recognized the work of the Cuban actress, are given every year in Canada, and according to the event’s official website, its mission is to “promote and reward heartbreaking films that build a world and that are based on the characters that push the boundaries of storytelling in Canada and around the world.”

The non-profit organization running this event is based in Toronto, Ontario, and “gives filmmakers the opportunity to get valuable feedback on their films without compromising their release status.”

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