Border Patrol confirms presence of crocodiles in the Rio Grande

The United States border patrol confirmed on Saturday the presence of huge crocodiles in the Rio Grande, a regular transit point for migrants trying to reach that country from Mexico.

In a Facebook post, the Border Patrol showed one of these impressive animals resting calmly on the surface, right in front of a boat from the border security force in the Texas area.

“Crocodiles ask a lot of questions!
So much so that they would make great Interri-Gators…
Or maybe even an investi-Gator…
And if you need directions, a Navi-Gator…”, jokes the publication.

Internet users, however, assured that the crocodiles have been taken to the river that serves as the border between the US and Mexico to intimidate and stop the migratory flow facing regions such as Eagle Pass, in Texas, where hundreds of undocumented immigrants arrive daily after cross from Piedras Negras or some other area of ​​Coahuila.

“This specimen was inhumanely taken to the Rio Grande with a single purpose, to stop or stop migration, the saddest thing is the value they give to the human life of people who have lost everything and only have the dream, the desire, the courage and the need to change my life and have a better future, God have mercy on my cuban brothers and of all the Latin American brothers and sisters from all over the world, that is not the solution to stop migration, the solution is in the hands of presidents,” said a follower of news anchor Mario Alvarado, who shared the photo on his profile on the social network.

The reader’s comment would not be entirely wrong if one takes into account that some years ago Texas ranchers, through the group Texans for Closing the Border, agreed to take 1,000 crocodiles to the border river to stop the crisis.

Shortly after, huge crocodiles were sighted, so the Mexican media suspected that the proposal made by the Texans could be implemented illegally, putting at risk the lives of hundreds of people who cross the river with children, and even with babies. .

the news channel Impact Vision He said the crocodiles are “huge” and asked migrants to take precautions: “be aware, don’t take risks, don’t cross, it’s very dangerous.”

This medium was one of those that denounced the initiative of the owners of ranches in texas to avoid the transit of undocumented immigrants, who allege that migrants step on their crops as they pass, causing them losses of millions each year.

“It is said that in a Texas ranchers association they proposed throwing crocodiles into the Rio Grande to solve the problem without caring about the mortal risks that this represents. Those were the rumors since the end of last year, now we see that it is a reality,” said the channel.

For his part, the director of Civil Protection of Mexico, Sergio Balbuena, reported in 2020 that the tributary had crocodiles between 3 and 4 meters long, making it a danger to the dozens of people trying to cross illegally to the United States; by the strong currents, the flow and the presence of the reptile.

However, the authorities have ruled out their capture, arguing that the animals have lived in the Rio Grande for more than 25 years.

According to the regional sub-delegate of the state Environment and Urban Development Secretariat (SMADU) in Piedras Negras, Juan Guadalupe Garza, these types of reptiles are found within their habitat, so their capture is ruled out.

“Although they are not from this region, surely people who bought a lizard as a pet in states like Louisiana or Florida, when they see them grow they release them in the rivers, so it is better to leave them there, after all, for more than 25 crocodiles have existed in the Rio Grande for years,” he explained.

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