Boca eliminated Racing on penalties and the memes exploded

Boca Juniors eliminated Racing Club from the League Cup and agreed to a new final, the second in the cycle of Sebastian Battaglia. After being outmatched in the 90 minutes and without any shots on goal, he took refuge in penalties, where he emerged victorious 6-5. Before, after and during the match, social networks were filled with memes.

For the first semi-final, the “xeneize” had to face the “academy”, considered by many to be the best team in the tournament. After coming out second and first in their respective zones, they far surpassed their rivals in the quarterfinals and met for Saturday, May 14 at the Lanus Stadium.

The match began at 5:00 p.m. and was played from the zero minute. With a more offensive Racing, Boca fell back and appealed to a saving ball that fell at the fast feet of Sebastián Villa. However, those led by Fernando Gago handled the ball and were able to score many times in the first half. A hand in hand Thomas Chancalaya left-handed Matias Rojas and a stub of Carlos Alcarazwere the clearest situations during the first 45 minutes.

Boca beat Racing on penalties and will play the final of the
League Cup.

Those of Avellaneda went to the locker room with applause, but the complement would start more uphill. mouth came out “Fortress” with more momentum and, at times, came to bother the light blue and white defense.

However, as the minutes went by, Racing remembered the first half and once again took control of the game and the goal situations.

In turn, the meeting was very “hot” Y finished with 37 offenses (19 Racing and 18 Boca) and with 9 yellow cards, of which the “xeneize” was awarded 5.

Once the regulation time has expired, it’s time for penalties. Both teams donned the precision suit, as the first eight shots from twelve steps, some luckier than others, went inside.

To add a little salt and pepper to the denouement, Agustin Rossi he saved the fifth shot to Enzo Copettiso if Edward Salvio converted, Boca would be in the final and half a stadium would explode with joy.

Nevertheless, Gaston “chila” Gomez He put his foot toe, covered the shot and made his fans delirious. Had to start over. After they converted Xavier Correa Y Sebastian Villa, Emiliano Insua kicked out his penalty, leaving the fate of the series at the feet of Alan Varela.

Boca’s offensive midfielder did not hesitate, looked at the goalkeeper and he gave a pass to the net to put his team in the final of the League Cupwhich will take place on Saturday March 28 in the province of Cordova.

In addition to this game another was played simultaneously on social networkswhere content creators from both sides filled meme twitter.

The best memes of Boca’s triumph on penalties against Racing

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