Blue dollar today in Mendoza: how much does its price close this Friday, August 5

For its part, the saving dollar was sold on average for $230 the unit in the houses enabled for its commercialization in the center of Mendoza. So there was a difference of $64 with the informal ticket.

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The blue dollar in Mendoza rose 2 pesos.

Difference between the blue dollar today in Mendoza and Buenos Aires

while the blue dollar today in Mendoza closed at $294 in the caves of the city of Buenos Aires the wheel ended at $293 per unit, with which in the last five days it recorded an increase of three pesos.

At the same time, the official dollar price ended at $139.87 on averagewith which throughout the week it accumulated an increase of $1.94 cents, equivalent to a rise of 1.40% compared to last Friday.

Price of the MEP dollar and cash with liquidation

In the stock market, the dollar counted on settlement (CCL) traded with a drop of 1.3%, to $285.98, and the MEP registered a fall of 2.4%, at $279.23, in the final stretch of the wheel.

in the wholesale marketthe price of the US currency marked a rise of 25 cents compared to its last closing, at $132.89while during the week it accumulated an increase of $1.62 (1.23%).

How much did the tourist dollar close

The price of dollar with surcharge of 30% -considered in the Country tax-, marked an average of $181.83 per unit; and with the advance payment on account of the Income Tax of 35% on the purchase of foreign currency, the average value was $230.78.

While, the tourist dollar which has an aliquot of 45%- it stood at $244.77.

Market specialists estimated that the Central Bank ended the day with a negative balance of around US$95 million, while during the week it would have sold approximately 700 million dollars.

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