Blackouts steal the show in show for children in Camagüey

A crowd of children, accompanied by their families, waited more than three hours for a children’s show in the city of Camagüey, finally suspended due to irregularities with the electrical service in that provincial capital.

The incident occurred last Saturday the 17th, when dozens of children and their companions waited until one in the afternoon to see the play a clown soloscheduled for 10 a.m. at the Guignol from Camagüey.

As a result of the incident, the organizers postponed until next October the final performances of the show season, scheduled for September 23 and 24, according to statements made to the official press by the president of the Provincial Council of Performing Arts, Kenny Ortigas .

“The programming for September of the Electric Union in Camagüey is not being fulfilled and we cannot summon the public with this uncertainty. The organizers Jesús Ruedas, director of Guiñol; Adiel Morales, artistic director of a clown solo and I decided to postpone until October and offer more functions”, the official told the newspaper Ahead.

Faced with the proposal to move the show to the street, the highest representative of the performing arts stressed that, in this community marked as vulnerable, the value and usefulness of each place cannot be ignored.

“We must ponder the presence of cultural activity with meaning and substance for the intellect and the imagination of the people. There is a specific audience that needs to be served in this current situation, such as children, and other people who do not like to go to a disco or a cabaret but rather to the theater”, concluded Ortigas.

The energy crisis in Cuba does not envision an immediate solution. As announced by the Electric Union (UNE), the country is experiencing a particularly complex context, where the generation deficit already exceeds 1,000 MW during peak hours due to the shutdown of more than 10 thermoelectric units due to breakage or maintenance.

On that same rope, the Failure to schedule blackouts anticipated adds more discontent. Many citizens are unable to expedite procedures of any kind due to the lack of electricity.

The Cuban capital, untouchable until last June, also suffers from interruptionsalthough they meet for short periods and can occur several times a day.

In the rest of the country, the UNE fails to meet forecasts for service interruptions and subjects citizens to more hours of blackouts, which generates social media protests and on the streets, due to the impossibility of carrying out household activities, the most important of all: cooking food.

Last August brought for the residents of Villa Clara the difficult task of deciding between 12 hours of blackout divided into two times of the day or the same amount of time continuouslybut beyond the cheeky proposalnow the schedules, almost always unforeseen, sometimes exceed 18 hours.

Popular discontent has been significant in recent months, with dozens of popular demonstrations in various provinces of the country, among which the massive protests in the municipality of Nuevitasseverely repressed by the regime, which still detains more than 50 citizens and intensifies the harassment against young people for the sole fact of having documented the police crackdown.

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