Ben Stiller saved Owen Wilson from an awkward moment


The actors are great friends and share shoots like those of zoolander Yes Tenenbaum’s Eccentrics.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.©GettyBen Stiller and Owen Wilson.

The world is a handkerchief and this has been verified by Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller only a few months ago. During an interview with jimmy kimmelthe protagonist of The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty he remembered how he managed to save his friend from an awkward moment. The two artists get along very well and know each other from filming like those of zoolander Yes Tenenbaum’s Eccentricsin which they played together.

During the conversation with jimmy kimmel, Ben Stiller told a story that included her daughter She20 years old, a friend of hers in London and an accident that could have cost her dearly Owen Wilson. “My daughter is 20 years old and studies theatre. This summer… She is studying theater and one of her classmates is British. He comes from London, from Hyde Park. »began to tell the artist, in a special recorded in New York.

“He was in Hyde Park and he saw a guy on a bike. He saw that something had fallen out of his pocket. He went to get the wallet. It’s a wallet. He opens it and sees a credit card and a driver’s license that says Owen Wilson, he pointed. This is how the young girl approached an English policeman to whom she said: “I found…I think Owen Wilson You dropped your credit card. What should I do? ». However, the agent’s response was not very helpful: “Oh, maybe you should go shopping”.

Knowing that the police weren’t going to help her, the young woman thought for a moment and remembered that her classmate’s last name was Stiller. ” One moment. I think the father of She is a friend of Owen Wilson. should call Sheaccount Ben Stiller. Then he completed: “Then he calls her and She text me: “My friend found your friend’s wallet, owen‘. So I wrote to owen and I said to him, “If you want your wallet back, answer me right away.” Five minutes later, I received a message that said: ‘Wow’”so that the whole audience burst out laughing.

+The essential series directed by Ben Stiller

Currently, Ben Stiller works for a production AppleTV+ which is in the middle of filming its second season and has been one of the sensations of the year. We are talking about rupture, which he not only produced but also directed. The show centers on a company called light where employees undergo a procedure by which they insert a chip that allows them to dissociate their personalities at work from those they have in the private world. It is an excellent critique of the alienation caused by works whose first part has nine chapters.

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