Batch. Muriel Lacan at the 30th edition of the Martel comic book festival, final details

Muriel Lacan, cartoonist and screenwriter, a comic book drawing enthusiast with whom you can discuss (©DR)

The 30e edition of the Martel Comics Festivalorganized on July 17, 2022by the association ” Comic strip freaks », welcomes the new generation of comic book authors, young creators who have assimilated all the influences of the XXe century. Beyond an innovative graphic style, they bring comics to new lands, renewing the genre through their dynamism and creativity. Muriel Lacan, cartoonist and screenwriter, will take part in this 30e edition of the comic book festival in Martel.

News: Tell us about you ?

Muriel Lacan: I have always been passionate about two things: drawing (and more precisely comics), and the living. It was during my studies in biology that I was introduced to political consciousness, thanks to the student movements against the Devaquet law.

When did you create the Black Sheep?

ML: It was also at this time that the Black Sheep was born; this archetype of the person who does not find his place in society, who is revolted by injustices, corresponded well to the state of mind in which I was. So I had made half a dozen boards, which featured a punk sheep (it was the time!), in sketches that happened on an unnamed causse, on which there was a military camp. It must be said that the Larzac march in Paris was my first demonstration (with my parents). I was very steeped in the “genius of the Alpages”, F’murrr and also Baron Noir, Got and Pétillon… I wanted to create a kind of caussenarde version of the Genie (I am a native of Bédarieux, and I like cause it forever). Unfortunately, I didn’t have the maturity to channel my anger and all I could do at that point was sub-F’murrr. So I put the boards away in my boxes. Until I had the opportunity to bring them out for the editions of Larzac. With age, I knew what I wanted to tell, and I did not deprive myself.

What does comics mean to you?

ML: Comics are a wonderful tool because they are very free and inexpensive to produce. We can say anything. With La Brebis Galeuse, I was able to stage a certain vision of the world, which many people share, but which is rarely heard in the mainstream media. We get attached to the character and, through his quirky gaze, we realize the absurdity of what nevertheless seems to us to be self-evident. And then, I wanted it to be funny: it’s not because it’s serious that you have to take yourself seriously.

How are the volumes of your albums composed?

ML: In the first volume, “The life of the herd”, we follow the youth of this young lamb who is born innocent but unlucky in a herd. We follow her setbacks in the midst of gregarious and individualistic sheep (but no, it’s not contradictory!) and her revolt which leads her to become the Black Sheep. This is an opportunity to criticize productivism, utilitarianism, everything that makes up the consumer society. In the second volume, “Sheep Trap Elections”, I attacked the political system, representative democracy, power relations, the “value” of work… and in the third volume, “Doña Brebis de la Mancha” , I wanted to present these alternative communities that are coming.

Projects ?

ML: I have several other projects, but quite different in nature. A little early to talk about it seriously.

Sylvie Branty

Videos: currently on Actu

The Cracked Comics (Last details)

The Martel Festival began this Wednesday with exhibitions at the Palais de La Raymondie on African comics.
Sunday, July 17 will be the day of dedications and events including the concert drawn by Alexandre Clérisse with the musicians of the Lotois group “Les ignitors variables”.
Given the climatic and health situation, some places may be adapted or changed, information will be given on site.
A special 30th anniversary issue of the Revue lotoise “L’Oreille qui voir” will be offered to the public on Sunday.
Sad news: given the heat wave, his age and that of his wife, our excellent friend HERMANN has just announced to us, with great regret, the cancellation of his visit and promises to be there next year if the sun does not does not fall on our heads.

Reminder (practical information)

Martel Comics Festival: from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Kubini exhibition: “African comics”,

At the Palais de la Raymondie, July 16 afternoon: animation around comics,

Under the Halle de Martel: July 17 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.e Comics Festival. Guest of honor ELYON’S, dedication under the hall of Martel,

Exhibition “Drawings against evils”,

Illustrated concert at 3 p.m.

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