Bárbara de Regil shows off her stretch marks

THE ANGELS.- Barbara de Regil has been characterized in social networks for being a transparent woman who seeks to motivate each of her followers to practice self-love and improve your lifestyle.

The actress has a recognized artistic career, but now He has taken the time to share part of his personal life on his Instagram accountHe, including the insecurities that at the time came to have.

Although Barbara is one of the most active women and one of the best bodies in the middle of the show, it was through a publication that she made a few hours ago that showed her fans that she also has stretch marks on her legs.

I tell you something ? Before I would have never raised my stretch marks like this … but you know what? THIS IS ME, I ACCEPT ME AND YOU CLICK ME LOVING ♥ ️ How beautiful I am since I accept and love that I have stretch marks on my buttocks ”wrote the artist.

On more than one occasion the actress has admitted that before she could not show herself as she does now with her stretch marks, but today she accepts it and is delighted with her figure that in the end always seeks to keep her healthy.

Despite the fact that Barbara has become a trend on more than one occasion due to different statements that are ultimately criticized by users, this time there were many positive messages he received in the image.

“They are marks that you are doing very well”, “you cannot imagine how I admire you”, “there is nothing better than self-love”, “I admire you you are a great woman without a doubt”, “perfection does not exist but you are beautiful”, are some of the compliments that can be read.

Would Barbara adopt a baby?

A few days ago the actress performed a dynamic on her Instagram question and answer, in which your followers could question part of your personal life, with the aim of getting to know her a little better.

One of his fans dared to ask if she could not be a mother, would she dare to adopt to which she answered yes, Despite the fact that she has been married to Fernando Schoenwald for 4 years, she has declared that they will be parents when God wants it.

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