Balenciaga apologizes and orders the withdrawal of campaign with children and sadomasochistic accessories

The renowned luxury brand Balenciaga is being strongly criticized on social networks and by famous figures from the fashion industry for a controversial campaign that he recently launched with children and sadomasochistic accessories.

After the commotion caused, the luxury fashion house ordered the removal of all campaign photographs from its website and all its official social networks, additionally issued a public statement where he apologized for the wrong message that was sent by featuring children hugging toys wearing bondage-style clothing.

These photographs taken by the renowned Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti they were part of the Christmas campaign ‘Balenciaga Gift Shop’where the children wore garments from the line ‘Balenciaga Kids’.

“We sincerely apologize for any offense our holiday campaign may have caused. Our stuffed bags should not have appeared with children in this campaignwe have immediately removed the campaign from all platforms,” ​​the company said through its Instagram stories.

The company indicated that it will take legal action against the employees who were in charge of the creation and direction of the campaign, as well as the design of the set, because according to them, the brand was not aware that they would use objects related to exotic sexual practices for the photo session with children.

“We apologize for showing disturbing documents in our campaign. We take this matter very seriously and are taking legal action against the set. including items not approved for our spring 23 camp photo shoot,” the brand stated.

To distance itself from the situation, the fashion house specified that it takes the issue of child abuse and exploitation very seriously and that it rejects any act that denigrates this population. “We strongly condemn the abuse of children in any of its forms. We stand up for the safety and well-being of children”.

Why did the campaign cause so much controversy?

Within minutes of launching the campaign, criticism did not wait, and it was not for less, since it is inconceivable that in a society in which attempts are made to eradicate child abuse and exploitation, this type of campaigns that incite sexual predators to perform aberrational acts with minors.

In the images you could see child models posing on scenes loaded with stuffed animals wearing provocative clothing such as thongs, leggings, bridles and sadomasochistic straps, for which Hundreds of Internet users began to see in this campaign a tone of child sexualization, some even said that a document referring to child pornography had been leaked.

In a post by a Twitter user, it was revealed that apparently when one of the campaign photographs showing a bag from the new collection was zoomed in, a sentence could be seen that spoke about the Coalition for Free Expression (2002)in which according to her it would be pointed out that “simulated child pornography is protected free speech”.

Strong accusations from a Twitter user. Photo: Twitter @melissaayala92

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