Azul media will cover whale watching live


The nature event will have special coverage for the entire country. From Punta PirĂ¡mides the wait will be carried out, with 72 hours of live transmission.

In the month of June the province of Chubut will have the eyes of the country on it, since it is the month in which the ya historic whale watching. It is a natural event that brings together the entire sightseeing in the province and that will have a special coverage of Medium Blue.

All the group’s work team will be concentrated in a special transmission in live 72 hours. It will be three days from Pyramids Portfollowing the minute by minute of this unique experience in the world and that will be seen by the spectators, within the framework of a season that continues to grow in the Patagonian province and that positions Chubut with a distinctive seal in the rest of the country.

A unmissable natural event that shows nature in all its splendor and that can be enjoyed live from anywhere in the world through medium blue.

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