Attention! Converses and Pokémon confirm a new All Star tennis collection

the well-known brand converse and pokemon have confirmed that a new collection tennis All Star is about to launch and no matter how many converse you may have in your closet, you’ll want to own the entire collection!

This collaboration will arouse the interest of all consumers of the tennis brand, as well as anime fans. It doesn’t matter how full your closet is; it’s about catching all the “pokemons”, isn’t it?

The collection so far confirmed will be integrated 4 All Star Light sneakers with a minimalist design, that is to say that they will not have any more stamping on the boot except for the text and the drawing that will appear on the tongue, inspired, of course, by different characters from the animated series.

Who is this Pokemon?

Mainly there will be characteristic yellow that could not be missing in any collection concerning Pokémon. Of course it’s about Pikachuand in addition to the yellow color and the small drawing, on its side you can find a text with its name, as well as its measurements and Pokédex name.

Likewise, the other three options are included! Eevee, Charizard and Mewtwo! The first ones come in a dark mustard color that resembles the character, while Charizard’s will be orange and Mewtwo’s come in a nice light lilac; all four, just like Pikachu’s, with their information next to it.

Pokémon and Converses launch new collection.

The collection is expected to arrive this month at the Converses Japanese websiteworth 100 euros (Who said that catching pokémon was an easy task… or cheap). It remains to be confirmed if it is a collaboration exclusive in japan or if later it can be distributed throughout the rest of the world.

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