Association and national directors of Anses addressed the problems of lawyers in the pension sector

The officials were in the city carrying out an internal training session at the CPAPC, which provided its facilities for said activity.
In a relaxed meeting, different issues that concern professionals who work in the pension branch were addressed. Among them, the problem that exists due to the sending of identification cards and deox in matters of referral of files to the Federal jurisdiction and the delay in sending historical reparation agreements with federal lawsuits was analyzed.
The possibility of requesting the Judiciary the possibility of joining criteria among all the courts for sending requests for reports and other procedures for the Anses in favor of the work of those enrolled was also analyzed.
The directors of Anses clarified that these issues have been working hard both with the Federal jurisdiction and with the Provincial jurisdiction and that an email box was sent where the courts must evacuate all the trades addressed to the entity. They also reported that it has been in operation for a long time.

Likewise, it was agreed to reiterate the information to the Provincial Superior Court of Justice and by the CPAPC, to try to channel it through the College of Magistrates in order to speed up the sending of electronic reports.
In addition, the directors of Anses affirmed that they have been working hard on the total digitization of the systems. This often takes time due to the adequacy of provincial computer systems. Meanwhile, the only possible way is the mail boxes enabled for communication with the provincial courts.
In a climate of camaraderie, direct channels of communication were agreed at both the provincial and national levels to try to disseminate the measures and regulations adopted by the national body and thus be able to streamline the work of the lawyers who carry out their profession in that area.
They participated in the meeting, in addition to the president to the College; its treasurer, Dr. Juan Manuel Bobadilla; the president of Young Lawyers, Dr. Juan Pablo Reinafe; the directors of the Institute of Labor and Social Security Law of the CPAPC, Dr. Nicolás Basconcel and via zoom, Dr. Gabriel Suárez.

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