“As Néstor said, we know where we do not want to return,” said the president in the pledge to the flag

President Alberto Fernández led the official act for Flag Day at the Kirchner Cultural Center, in the Federal Capital, without the accompaniment of Vice President Cristina Kirchner, where he took the oath of more than 2,000 fourth grade students.

In the chronicle made by the media Cronista.comthe president addressed a message to the students of Buenos Aires schools to whom he highlighted the figure of Manuel Belgrano, creator of the national flag, whose commitment he highlighted “with the liberating ideas”, and their contributions “from the intelligentsia”and his commitment to the emancipatory struggle by embracing a military career.

“Belgrano was an immense man, dispossessed, who donated all his money to the foundation of schools, because he was convinced that the future lay in education,” said the President in a ceremony that began around 11:30 a.m., and in which the students cheered him at times, saying: “President, President, President!”.

“These heroes of the country, Belgrano, Güemes, San Martín and Juana Azurduy, are examples that we must follow in these difficult times, because you suffered not being able to share recreation hours with your classmates,” he added, in relation to the time spent without face-to-face classes.

Fernández, already in a more political tone, predicted that his government will put Argentina “on its feet”, “so that you have once and forever the homeland you deserve”.

The president also slipped a criticism of the opposition, assuring that Argentina “is not that country without a future, as some would have us believe. He also evoked former President Kirchner: “As Nestor once said, we know where we don’t want to return.”

“Let’s stand up once more, for you, so that they have once and for all the homeland they deserve

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