"As a child, she performed autopsies on animals." Jenna Ortega claims to be just as sinister as Merlina

HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- The 20-year-old actress Jenna Ortega is in charge of giving the new ‘Merlina’ the protagonist of the new series of Tim Burton.

Now he gave revealing statements that have surprised his followers and the general public

The young actress assured that he feels a great connection with his role as ‘Merlina’ Well, she says as a child she liked to perform autopsies on small animals.

“I feel like we’re the same person in different sources. She’s so weird and I’m a weirdo in the sense that I used to run autopsies on small animals,” Ortega admitted.

In another of his interviews, he addressed the issue of blood scenes in which he has had to participate, assuring that he loves those disturbing things:

“I love those things because they’re not real. I knock on wood, I haven’t been stabbed yet, so for me it’s still fun, I love when blood comes out, the chase scenes“, declared the interpreter of ‘Merlina’.

To end his interview, he commented that he would like people to see beyond horror movies and that really understand what a fun and exciting experience they bring about.

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