arrest "The Racquet Sick" for photographing a 12-year-old girl playing tennis

In the last hours, the agents of the Serenazgo de Surco, together with the members of the Monterrico police station, arrested Fidel Leonelo Tito Rojasbetter known as “The Racquet Sick”.

The man was arrested at a tennis school, located on El Derby Avenue, where he was caught taking pictures of a 12-year-old girl, while the girl was in her tennis class.

The Racquet Sick In the first moment he wanted to pass himself off as the minor’s unclealthough later he ended up changing his version, indicating that he had actually approached the establishment to find out the costs of the classes.

The suspicions arose among the witnesses of the place, when a trainer of the establishment decided to confront him, after seeing him take those photographs.

Fidel Leonelo Tito Rojas when being detained.

The alibi of Fidel Rojas It fell quickly, so those who were present at the scene decided to call the authorities of the Serenazgo de Surco.

The coach who approached him at first approached a night watchman who was patrolling the area, and automatically, the police agent notified the Surco Operations Control Center.

“The Sick of the Racket” insisted that he was a relative of the girl

The local authorities also quickly notified the girl’s parents, so, Natali Davalos, mother of the minor, went to the place. Upon seeing the detainee, the woman assured her that “He had never seen that guy in his life”.

After the girl’s mother completely denied that it was a relative, the Surco Serenazgo agents immediately notified the Federal Police.

When stopped, They found 11 photos of the minor on the cell phone from Fidel Rojas. Even though the girl’s mother had already declared that he was a complete stranger, the man continued to say that he was a relative of her minor, on her father’s side.

The indignation of the witnesses of the place

A woman who was present at the time of his arrest began to film him and insult him. “Sick of shit. You’re a pedophile, what a shame”the lady yelled at Rojas.

In the viral footage, you can see Fidel Rojas wanting to justify himself, by saying that he was there because of “some meetings”.

Likewise, another witness also began to shout at the police officers, asking them to “check on the cell phone”as “it was all there”.

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