Armando Guadiana denies having links with the mine that collapsed in Sabinas

Armando Guadiana denies having links with the mine that collapsed in Sabinas

Through a statement, the Senator, Armando Guadiana Tijerina, denied having any link with the damaged mine in the municipality of Sabinas, a situation that has been reported in the national media.

According to the document, Guadiana Tijerina reiterated that the publications spread by various media “are lies” and categorically denied being the owner or that his relatives are involved with the mine, which is located in Agujita, Municipality of Sabinas, Coahuila.

“It is important to highlight that, in the face of this great tragedy that hurts the entire community of the Carboniferous Region, a server, my brother José Luis and various Mining Companies in the area, we have been collaborating in technical meetings with the three levels of government; Likewise, we have made work equipment and personnel available to speed up the rescue of the miners.”, as stated in it.

He added that “I have always been a guarantor of freedom of expression, in addition to being a congruent, transparent man who has never hidden himself from the media, since I have always shown my face and today is no exception”.

“I ask all the national media, as well as the reporters, to spread true information, to work with ethics and truth, and to base their investigations, because today is the time to help the Sabinas community, since I am convinced that with the sum of all efforts, we will have good news”he pointed out.

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