Argentino gets angry at the song of the Mexicans; ‘I allow you all, not that one’

The Mexican National Team and the Argentine National Team face each other this Saturday in the second match of Group C of Qatar 2022, which is why fans of both nationalities have faced each other in the last few hours.

The most recent conflict occurred on a bus where Mexican fans challenged the Argentines.

The Mexicans began to sing. “In the Malvinas they speak English”, a phrase that refers to the fact that the inhabitants of the islands are English and not Argentine, even this territory caused a war in 1982.

For this reason, an Argentine fan stands up to complain about the song.

“I allow you all, not that one,” the Argentine expressed annoyed, the end of the video is unknown because the recording only lasts 32 seconds.

The match between Mexico and Argentina could define the future of the squad in the FIFA tournament, since the team that loses would practically be eliminated.

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