Argentan. The cyclist sentenced for insulting and giving the police the middle finger

A cyclist sentenced by the Argentan judicial court, Tuesday, November 22, 2022, for giving the police the middle finger before insulting them. ©illustration

the Argentan courthouse (adorns) condemned, this Tuesday, November 22, 2022a cyclist 19 for insulting and assaulting police officers.

Three months suspended prison sentence and €200 fine for having insulted, assaulted and rebelled against Argentan police officers to whom he had just made a middle finger.

Despite his absence at the hearing on Tuesday November 22, 2022, the Argentan court found him guilty.

In addition to his sentence, he will have to compensate his victims.

He gives the finger and runs away

26 June 2022the police are on patrol when they see, on the market square in Argentan, a cyclist who turns around at their sight and gives them a finger of honor before fleeing. They decide to go looking for him and it is only a few minutes later that they are informed that this man is in front of the G20 store, in the city center.

When they arrive, he will violently oppose his arrest by insulting them, “sons of bitches, eat your dead, I’m going to fuck you all…”

Officials will have to use force to arrest him and get him into their service vehicle.

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However, he will not let himself be done and will kick them.

He “disturbed the lives of the inhabitants of Argentan”

Placed in police custody, this 19-year-old man, homeless, will deny the middle fingers, but will recognize the rebellion and the violence.

He will explain that he acted out of anger, because he does not like being held.

“The defendant had been disrupting the lives of the inhabitants of Argentan for several days”,

the lawyer for the civil parties.

She recalls that this young man is no longer a minor, that he wanted to play the game of cat and mouse.

The public prosecutor regrets the absence of the defendant, his explanations would have been interesting.

She recalls that her criminal record is clean before requesting a six-month suspended sentence, in addition to a fine of 300 €.

He will finally be sentenced to a three-month suspended prison sentence in addition to a contraventional fine of €200 for the violence and will have to pay each of the civil parties compensation of €300 plus €350 for legal fees.

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