Archbishopric of Santiago says it is not informed about complaints of a sexual nature against Bishop Roncagliolo

Through a “official statement” posted on their websitethe Archbishopric of Santiago assured that they had not received complaints regarding acts of “sexual connotation” involving the Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago Cristián Roncagliolo.

Alberto Lorenzelli, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Santiagoreacted in writing to a report published on Thursday by The Third PM that investigated the reasons that led Roncagliolo to travel last week, on May 5, to Spain; a fact that -according to the evening paper- caused surprise and bewilderment in ecclesial circles.

The complaints of sexual connotation that are indicated in that text were not notified to the Archbishopric of Santiago, since it is not appropriate for this to be the case.. The entities that would have received them – the Scicluna Commission and the National Council for the Prevention of Abuses (2019) – it is assumed that they were sent directly to the Congregation for Bishops of the Holy See,” says the statement signed by Lorenzelli.

Vicar Lorenzelli pointed out that, according to Roncagliolo’s own version, he is in Spain to “submit to a process of recovering his physical, psychological and spiritual health.” (Photo:

The complaint that we have become aware of regarding M. Roncagliolo was the one received before the Pastoral Office of Complaints (OPADE) carried out by three workers of the archdiocese -who were also sent to the Holy See- for labor mistreatment and abuse of power, facts that the bishop himself recognized and, for which, apologized to those affectedLorenzelli explains.

The text adds that Archbishop Celestino Aós sent this information to the Congregation for Bishops –”only with jurisdiction to judge canonical offenses of Bishops, with the exception of the abuse of minors where the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is competent”-, but “to date, (…) has not received notice of this complaint from the Apostolic See.


Lorenzelli states that “Don Cristián’s decision to travel to Spain was due to a direct instruction from the Congregation for Bishops”and “according to what the cleric himself has pointed out, The objective is to undergo a process of recovery of their physical, psychological and spiritual health”.

“We are aware that the suddenness of his departure and that her reserved personalityplus the difficulty in communicating more and better within our institution, make this news affect us as an ecclesial community”, says the vicar.


After the initial publication of ThirdOn the eve, Bishop Roncagliolo – who was officiating until recently as Vicar General of the Archbishopric – denied the veracity of the aforementioned sexual accusations.

I have not formally received information about any complaint of inappropriate sexual conduct with adultsas indicated in the referred article and I deny that these alleged events have occurred“, the prelate told the newspaper.

“I resigned from the position of Vicar General of the Archbishopric of Santiago and I am in medical treatment for a situation of extreme exhaustionwhich was medically diagnosed in Chile as burnout“, he explained.

This depletion “has been increased because During the past year, in the midst of a pandemic, I underwent surgery as a result of cancer that had already been predicted and treated in the first instance in 2017″.

Regarding the “alleged workplace harassment against an official of the Archbishopric of Santiago, I can point out that said complaint actually occurred and I deeply regret if there ever could have been human friction in the workplace“, he added.

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