ANSES pay Christmas bonus: who will receive up to $157,300 in December

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) will pay next December Supplementary Annual Salary (SAC)better known as bonusTherefore, a group of beneficiaries will receive amounts of $85,186 and $157,373.

With the objective that the most vulnerable sectors can cope with inflationthe organism that leads fernanda raverta will also grant extraordinary bonuses of $10,000 and $7,000reported through My ANSESin

Meanwhile, the payment schedule for November 2022 for the retirees and pensioners of the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA) and a Food reinforcement that is paid only to people without income.

ANSES: What groups will have access to the bonus?

The groups of ANSES who access the half Christmas bonus for December are the retirees and pensioners. The holders of the Universal Child Allowance (wow), Pregnancy Allowance (WEA) Y Family allowance per child (SUAF), Secondly, they do not charge the extra for SAC.

In December, retirees and pensioners will also receive three ANSES benefits:

  • A increase of 15.62% in assets, according to the Mobility Law.
  • A bond $10,000 for retirees with a minimum salary and $7,000 for those who receive up to two minimum salaries.
  • The half bonuswhich represents 50% of the highest salaries of the last semester.

With the raise and bonus, the minimum retirement amount to $60,124, and with the half bonus of December, it will reach $85,186. The two minimum retirements will become $107,249 and, with the December bonus, they will reach $157,373.

For In this calculation, only credit is taken into account and not extraordinary bonuses.

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