Amadeo Frúgoli, former Minister of Defense during the dictatorship, died at the age of 92

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Frúgoli was one of the referents of the PD for years.

In the midst of all this -in 1973- he was elected national senator by the PS; until after the coup of ’76 he was summoned by Viola.

Next, Frugoli giving an interview in 1981. After some comments, the journalist asks him about the freedom of Maria Estela Martinez de Peron and this is his response:

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Frúgoli, the war and after

His role during the conflict in the South Atlantic had nothing to do with planning the war, but Frúgoli would have been in charge, among other things, of the administration Falklands Patriotic Fundwhose fate aroused numerous suspicions.

He was removed from Defense on June 14, 1982, when Argentina submitted its surrender. He later stated in the Rattenbach Reportwhich -in theory- tried to determine responsibility for what happened during the military confrontation with the United Kingdom.

The Mendoza Bar Association posted the following message a few hours ago:

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