Alert in the West zone: Pervert groped a child and tried to kidnap another

Criminal Prosecutor 3 of the Unit for Crimes against Sexual Integrity (UDIS), Cecilia Toranzos Flowersrequired the Court of Guarantees 5 the elevation to trial of the cause against a man for exhibitions obscene, aggravated obscene exhibitions, in actual contest; threats; kidnapping and simple sexual abuse.

Several people from the west area of ​​the city filed complaints against the man, in which they assured that The defendant was addicted to narcotic substances and made obscene displays of adults and minors, even touching a child and restricting the freedom of movement of another for sexual purposes.

In addition, the residents stated that, when asked to stop with this attitude, They were threatened by the defendant.

The prosecutor ordered compliance with various evidentiary measures that provided the necessary elements of conviction to request that the case be brought to trial.

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