Air quality fair to poor in Torreon over the past week

The air quality has been fair to poor this week, according to the monitoring carried out by the General Directorate of the Environment in Torreón.

Sampling is carried out per week and on an average of 24 hours. In the measurement of particles smaller than 10 microns (PM10), the R. Mijares station yielded a result of 154 micrograms per cubic meter, which based on the Official Mexican Standard 025-SSA1-2021, on the air and health index, equates to poor quality.

The station close to the DIF system gave a measurement of 67, which is almost on the border between Fair and Bad, while the one located in Hecat gave 83 micrograms per cubic meter, also Bad.

The NOM indicates that the air quality is Good if the PM10 are located in a range of 0 to 50; Regular if they are between 51 and 70; Bad if they are from 71 to 155; Very Bad if they are between 156 and 235; and Extremely poor when they exceed 236 micrograms per cubic meter.

During the first week of June, the air quality in Torreón had been in the range of Good to Bad.

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