Agustín López and a new conquest of futsal in Mendoza

It may interest you: Mendoza became the six-time Argentine futsal champion

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Agustín López, one of the six-time Argentine futsal champions, was on Best of Tomorrow on Channel 7

Agustín López alternated in the goal no less than with Federico Pérez and Juan De Luciaand his greatest role was in the semifinal against Río Grande: “We did not expect that Rio Grande would not complicate so muchbut the team had a very clear idea of ​​the game and with teammates of such quality and who know how to play that type of game, everything becomes easier”.

One of the privileged ones who was in the 6 consecutive titles of the Mendoza futsal, he highlighted: “I was lucky to be part of a generation of players that won five championships in a row from 2015 to 2019 and now, after the pandemic, we were able to add one more”.

Futsal: we meet Agustín López from the Mendoza and Argentine national team

Agustin he trained at Don Orionelike 5 others of the 15 Argentine champions 2022, but plays professionally in the Vis Gubbio of Italywhere he must appear in a month and a half: “Unfortunately, here you can not live from futsal like there,” he admitted.

At 25 years old, Agustín López also has on his resume the world title achieved in 2019 against Brazil: “Surely it was the most important thing I achieved in sport. It is an unforgettable memory for all of us who were lucky enough to experience it,” said the athlete before greeting his teammates, the coaching staff and “to all the people who were encouraging us and accompanying as a true family”.

Mendoza’s campaign

Group stage

  • vs. Tucuman 3-1
  • vs. Rio Gallegos 7-2
  • vs. Coal Basin 9-2
  • vs. Coal Basin 4-0

Quarter finals



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Mendoza had the least overcome fence of the Argentine national team 2022

Mendoza had the least overcome fence of the Argentine national team 2022

Mendoza’s campus

  • Players: Federico Pérez, Agustín López, Juan De Lucía, Marcelo Mescolatti, Nicolás Páez, Martín Páez, Diego Koltes, Gastón Fernández, Lucas Díaz, Manuel González, Luciano González, Santiago Barrera, Nicolás Díaz, Juan Pablo Giordanino and Tomás Civelli.
  • Staff: DT: Gustavo Gallardo. AC: Victor Fernandez. PF: Carlos Pavone. EA: Jorge Otarula.

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