After the closure of the annex in Torreón, Pronnif attends to five minors

After the closure of a rehabilitation center located in the central neighborhood of Torreón that operated in irregular conditions, the Office of the Attorney for Boys, Girls and the Family (Pronnif) in the Laguna Region of Coahuila urged parents, mothers and guardians to avoid protecting their sons and daughters in these types of places that do not have quality accreditation and that put their integrity at risk.

Without providing further details, the agency reported that each of the cases was followed up and that It was confirmed that none of the minors suffered any type of violence.although they did see it. Unofficially, it was learned that there were 5 minors who were detected in the annex located on Bravo Avenue and that they are between 10 and 16 years old.

It was last Wednesday that the Sanate Laguna Rehabilitation Center, AC, was closed through an operation by the Directorate of Inspection and Verification, Crime Prevention and the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM), in conjunction with the Office of the Children’s Attorney and the Family (Pronnif) and the Center for Justice and Empowerment for Women (CJEM).

This establishment, located in the Centro neighborhood of Torreón, had 29 men and 5 womenincluding minors.

“We went to this place due to the anonymous citizen complaint, which told us that this establishment was in poor condition, with 4 minors, and there was also the probable commission of sexual abuse,” said Raúl Rodríguez García, head of Inspection and Verification.

The official confirmed that HIV patients were also found; the latter were transferred to another annex, with the monitoring of health authorities. The children were protected by the Pronnif and the women were assisted by the CJEM to provide support in case of rape.

For his part, Víctor Ramos, director of Crime Prevention, said that these activities will continue, since it is not permissible for a person with alcoholism or drug addiction to be treated in a demeaning way.

On Wednesday it was announced that the workers in charge of the annex were detained by the DSPM and consigned to the corresponding authority. In addition, the relatives of the inmates removed the patients from the place and 8 of them who were not related were transferred to other annexes.

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