After drunkenness, an older adult falls asleep on the street and wakes up without clothes in Torreón

COAHUILA, Mexico.-A older adult in a drunken state fell asleep on the street, but when i woke up i was half nakedfor which he was assisted by the Torreón Police, to transfer him to his home.

According to the first reports, the events occurred this Monday morning, after a Traffic and Highway agent arrived at the intersection of the Revolution Boulevard and Calzada Colón to support the vehicular flow.

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In that place, the uniformed saw the elderly man without half of his clothes and asleep on the median, so he woke him up and also asked for the support of the municipal authorities.

The subject stated that he had fallen asleep on the sidewalk when he was on his way home, besides that when he slept he had all his clothes on and that it was until the traffic woke him up that he realized he had no pants or underwear.

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Faced with this situation, the police officers helped the older adult, who said he lived in the Victoria neighborhood, west of Torreón, so they took him to the unit to take it to your home.

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