Acovi’s forceful request to help producers

After the declarations of Marcelo Costa, trustee of the National Bankabout the fact that the line of credit to help the Andean producers in the context of the agricultural emergencythe assistant manager of the Association of Argentine Wine Cooperatives (acovi), Nicholas Vicchistated in MDZ Radio that “what we have found out is what appears in the press and we do not have further details, which is something that worries us.”

The representative of acovi explained that “the measure of Ministry of Economy It has a positive purpose, but not knowing its implementation is like being blind, unable to help others. producers affected”.

“We are blind when it comes to being able to guide the producer, because we cannot carry out a roundtrip of proposals that serve as alternatives to cope with the situation. We are talking so much with officials of the Government both nationally and provincially, and I believe that there is good will from both sectors to understand that it is a serious problem and that the producer immediately,” Vicchi said.

At the same time, the interviewee asked to form “an articulation table to have a place for feedback when there are problems that exceed the producer”.

“A working group is what must be done to face the dimension of the problem, where the municipal, provincial, national and productive sector can attend in order to carry out a collaborative and articulated work. This is a tool for us to leave politics, the rift at a table, and really get to work so that the producer receives the necessary help and assistance, ”she declared.


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