Acapulco: Blockades by Citizens to Demand Army Withdrawal

CHILPANCINGO, Gro.-They were a group of carriers, merchants and settlers were blocking at least ten points in Acapulco to demand that the Army stop carrying out operations in the port.

It was almost simultaneously from the 4:00 p.m. so many urban truck drivers, collective taxi drivers and urvans kept the avenues of Cuauhtémoc blockedthis in the town of La Sabana, at the “La Venta” booth on the Sol highway, at the Puerto Marqués roundabout, at La Cima, on Constituyentes Avenue, as well as on Costera Miguel Alemán at the height of the Malecón, near the Base, by Diana and the expressway.

The people who demonstrated they were seen carrying banners with legends like:

  • “Army Out”
  • “Navy Out”
  • “State Police Out”

These lockdowns have caused chaos throughout the city, an heavy traffic and a large number of public transport had to be suspended.

Military reinforcements due to insecurity problems in Acapulco

It was announced a few days ago that in Acapulco they were Around 600 soldiers arrived to reinforce security in the face of the increase in murders, also taking into account disappearances and extortions. It is reported that around At 9:00 p.m. some blocked points began to be released.

Until now, the government of the brunette Evelyn Salgado Pineda had not spoken about the massive blockades at the port.

The last time carriers and traders blocked to demand the departure of the Army went to beginning of marchwhen tenants of the central market accused the military of abuses.

The Army accused merchants from blocking the streets on the orders of a criminal group that opposed its operations in the central market.

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