Abortion debate in the USA: “Why do we always have to die first?”

NKristen Herring will never have a child in Texas again. She loves Austin. She loves that everything has come together here. She loves the heat compared to Chicago’s cold winters, she loves that this is where she met her husband Eric, a Texan of four years. She loves the house they found after many moves and absurdly increasing rents. She loves the two children she has nannyed to since the older one was a few months old. But she also says, “I just don’t feel safe here in Texas anymore.”

Sofia Dreisbach

North American political correspondent based in Washington.

Kristen Herring Is 19 Weeks Pregnant When Physician’s Assistant Is So Suspiciously Silent Eric and she are at a different gynecologist this time and not at the Christian clinic they used to go to. Did you notice anything, the woman asks? Yes, they already know that their feet are misaligned, they have adjusted to that. But when the assistant goes to get the doctor, the two know that there must be more. He immediately wants to do an amniotic fluid test because the blood is not pumping properly through the fetus’s heart chambers. But wasn’t that what they had advised against in the Christian clinic? “Oh, honey,” the doctor says to Herring.

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