A young man from Salta found $50,000 and returned it to its owner

Jonathan Escandar He is a young teacher from the town of Metán, currently residing in the city of La Rioja where he studies and works in a store. The young boy was so noble as to return a bag with $50,000 to its corresponding owner, so the owner decided to tell the story.

Lizi is a merchant from the capital city and on Monday she commented that she had gone shopping at a store and got out of her car with a small bag: “Yesterday I realized that I did not have that bagBut I knew where I could have left it.”

“Today I went back to the premises and looked at the boy who had served me. He bent down and said ‘here it is’“, he added.

Lizi was impressed with the noble gesture and said that the boy’s name is Jonathan, he is an employee of the Palote Minimarket and also stated thatIt was very easy for someone to find it, but he didn’t wait for someone to return it. “There was only cash, I did not have any type of documentation,” he remarked.

This generous act became national news.. A story that moves and takes all the applause.

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