“A woman wanted my life to be hell”, says Fernando Bécquer in a new song

The Cuban troubadour Fernando Becquerwho has been accused by dozens of women of various forms of sexual assault between 1999 and 2021published on his Facebook page the lyrics of a new song in which he highlights that: “a woman wanted my life to be hell.”

“Little by little she became entangled in her nonsense, / that woman wanted to tear me to shreds using the weight of her word […] A woman took the baton of feminism / and did not hesitate to bury me”, says another fragment of the song that makes a clear reference to the allegations of sexual harassment that weigh on the artist.

Screenshot of Fernando Bécquer’s Facebook page

The post was finally removed from the Elbecquer Decuba page, after some users reminded the troubadour that it was not really “a woman”, but dozens of women who had denounced him for various forms of sexual assault.

In a post on her Facebook page, the activist Salomé García Bacallao reacted indignantly to the publication.

García Bacallao lamented that, while the musician Abel Lescay was sentenced to 6 years in prison for protesting peacefully on July 11 or the activist Camila Rodríguez is subjected to a police siege, “this man continues to enjoy with impunity all the privileges that he has earned in that shitty country by licking the boot of the masters”.

“She feels so unpunished, that after several months privately harassing the women who joined the hashtag #YoSiLesCreo in solidarity, she comes to post a ‘song’ on her Facebook to a woman ‘who took the baton of feminism’ to ‘ bury him’ and ‘destroy him’, as if a serial sexual aggressor with a defined pattern who also hides behind false religious rituals, were just a problem of feminism”, commented García Bacallao.

After last December 8 the independent media The sneeze uncover an investigation in which 5 women accused the troubadour of sexual abusedozens of other victims have made their testimony public, where they claim to have suffered similar situations with the same individual.

These accusations provoked a public debate on social networks that forced the media and official institutions to position themselves on the matter. the state site Cubadebate He assured, at the end of December, that the troubadour was under “an investigative process that involves the National Revolutionary Police (PNR), the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and the corresponding courts.”

In a new text from the end of March, The sneezepublished the testimony of 16 other womenwho joined others who had already come appearing in other independent media and on social media.

A few days after the first testimonies, the Cuban writer Elaine Vilar Madruga, who claimed to have been a victim of abuse when she was just a teenager, accused before the Prosecutor the troubadour Fernando Bécquereven advised by the Federation of Cuban Women.

The troubadour has denied the accusations at all times and no information has come out of the alleged legal process he is facing.

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