A popular jury defines if the crime of Gisela Villafañe in Guaymallén was a femicide

A popular jury must decide if the crime of Gisela Villafañe, which occurred on May 8, 2019 in Mendoza, was a femicide and if the only suspect for the act is guilty. There are two versions of what would have happened.

The body of the 25-year-old girl was found in a vacant lot in the Sueños Cumplidos neighborhood, located in Guaymallén. Humberto Navia, son of the victim’s partner, was arrested for the incident.

The investigation of the case was in the hands of the Homicide prosecutor, Gustavo Pirrello, who considered that there is sufficient evidence to consider that it was a femicide.

The only defendant claimed to be innocent.

For Pirrello, the wiretapping and the testimony of a witness were essential to support his accusation.

The witness indicated that he saw Navia that night when he entered the open space where hours later they found the young woman. Likewise, the man stated that he had been threatened by the defendant’s brother so that he would not appear in court.

The wiretapping would also complicate the only suspect and, according to the investigation, Navia killed the woman because she believed she had stolen money from her father.

For his part, for the defense of man, led by Ximena Morales, it was not a femicide but of revenge. For this he pointed to other authors and maintained that his client is innocent.

For the lawyer, Gisela was going to testify at the trial for the crime of Diego Quispe, her ex-partner, what could have been the cause for her attack.

“Gisela’s face, eyes and mouth were removed. The message of this crime is because of what she saw and said and not because of her status as a woman. Humberto did not kill Gisela”, Morales specified, adding that the perpetrators are other people who remain at large.

Meanwhile, Navia, sitting in front of the jury, repeated: “I am innocent, let them look for the real culprit because I am innocent.”

will now be the popular jury, made up of 12 citizens, who decide if he is guilty of aggravated homicide due to gender-based violence -with a life sentence- or if it was revenge and the case remains without culprits. The verdict is expected to jury be known in the day this Thursday.

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