A man dies after exploding the rubber of the car where he was traveling in Camagüey

One man died and another was hospitalized after the tire of the rented car where they were traveling this Friday on the Central Highway near Camagüey exploded.

User Orlando la Rosa shared photos of the accident in the Facebook group “BUSES & TRUCK ACCIDENTS for more experience and fewer victims!” and he said that the accident occurred along the “Carretera Central before reaching Camagüey from the west around 2:30 pm, apparently it overturned.”

Facebook group “BUSES & TRUCKS ACCIDENTS for more experience and fewer victims!”

In the comments to his publication, Internet user Yasmany Yasmany Abalo explained that the driver of the modern car that the Transtur company rents to tourists had died and was the husband of his cousin.

Abalo clarified the cause of the accident and the condition of his relatives: “It was that the rubber exploded. The one who was there is my cousin’s husband and he was with the cousin, and he killed himself and he is in the hospital with several hats”.

Other members of the group commented on the poor condition of the Transtur cars, which they say have already caused several accidents.

“And Transtur does not speak out, because there are already several accidents due to blown tires, for whatever reason, lives are being lost, my condolences, we will continue in the fight, until they open their eyes,” denounced Internet user Ariel Guerra.

“Neither Transtur nor any state company is serious about their STATE ORDER, they do not comply with anything when they have to make expenses while they are taking the money”, complained another member of the group in the comments.

“These cars are useless, 60% of those cars have problems or the tires explode, the steering is terrible, etc. Be very careful with those cars”, another user opined about the Transtur car park.

For Lázaro Canales, it is not just that the tourist rental cars that were stopped during the pandemic should be replaced, but he noted that, in many cases “you look at the low mileage that the car has traveled and when you look at the wear of the tires, it is as if I had walked the mileage it shows 5 times”.

Last Tuesday, a 22-year-old Cuban girl He died in a collision between one of these tourist cars and a bus of the Chinese brand Yutong.

The accident occurred around one in the morning in Sancti Spíritus, near the Jatibonico alcohol point. The young woman was traveling in the touring car.

On the first day of May, an accident near the Calabazar bridge in Arroyo Naranjo, Havana, left at least five injured.

The incident involved a state-owned Volkswagen car and a van that was transporting members of a Christian church in Camagüey, who were returning to their province after a religious event held in the capital.

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