A historic nursing home closes and PAMI relocates the grandparents

Hogar Feliz San Agustín is one of the largest nursing homes in the city. It is located in Sesquicentenario (in front of FISA) and is scheduled to close at the end of the month. The owner of it was the late former councilman Argimiro Dodero and his family who inherited it will not continue to exploit it commercially.

Faced with this panorama and, knowing that the 62 elderly people must be relocated, the head of the local PAMI, Álvaro Díaz, mentioned in THE COMPASS 24 that “yesterday we received the document letter informing us of this measure, establishing a deadline that seems untimely to us.”

“We approached to know the clinical histories to relocate the affiliates, we summoned the families to receive them today and bring them peace of mind. We have many days of hard work but I am confident that we are going to be able to relocate all of them, “said Díaz, in his talk with the journalist Germán Sasso.

In addition, he stressed that “it is a tremendously exceptional situation, it has never happened, even at the national level, because it is not common for a home to close from one day to the next. We hope that sanity prevails until the last affiliate is relocated because we are talking about people, older adults with their complexities”.

“Responsibility is important in all of this. We are quite optimistic due to the number of beds in the city, the social workers are working full time to avoid setbacks”, considered the government agency official.

Finally, he asserted that “we believe that there should be a transition, avoiding abrupt closure. Those of us who have relatives in residences know the level of desperation that is generated, but that is why, due to institutional issues, we moved very quickly.”

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