A 10-year-old boy was run over by two motorcycles that were escaping from a robbery

An unfortunate event almost ended in tragedy in the Buenos Aires town of Bernal. A 10-year-old boy was run over by motorcycles that were escaping after committing a robbery. The minor was hospitalized for a strong blow and a deep cut to the head, but he is out of danger. While, criminals are still on the run.

The event occurred last Sunday night at Bermejo Street and 176, in the town of Bernal Oeste. In that place, a family birthday was celebrated, where there were several boys playing soccer on the sidewalk.

In a video, captured by a security camera in the area, it was possible to detect the moment in which the boy was playing ball with his cousins ​​meters from home. Unexpectedly, a black motorcycle approaches him at full speed and the victim tried to dodge it, but The criminals, who were escaping from a robbery, savagely attacked him and continued their escape.

The boy, identified as Mess, he flew several meters and was left lying on the asphalt with a cut on the head. His relatives quickly realized what had happened and ran to help the minor. that He was rushed to the Bernal hospital, where he was admitted with various injuries.

“When I saw it lying there I couldn’t believe it, a lot of things came to my mind”, remembered Soledad, Lionel’s mother. And she added: “He is better, he was released, but he is beaten. He remembers everything from the moment of the accident, it is painful as he tells it“.

The doctors reported that the victim suffered a serious wound in the upper region of the skull and also multiple injuries throughout the body, but, according to the doctors, his life was never in danger. days after the fact Lionel was discharged.

The dissemination of the video through social networks caused two people from the Bernal neighborhood to identify the motorcycle, however, The criminals are still on the run and are wanted by the Buenos Aires Police. “They are the same ones who robbed me and threw me to the ground last Thursday.”.assured one of the neighbors in a note with Info Quilmes.

Finally, the case was left in the hands of UFI No. 22 of the Quilmes Judicial Department, specialized in homicides and culpable injuries, whose head is prosecutor Bárbara Velasco. The qualification is a crime of culpable injuries.

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