8-year-old boy’s uncles whip him to death "because it did not stop bothering" in CDMX; both were arrested

MEXICO.- After the 8 year old boyidentified as Fredy, was found lifeless during the early hours of last Wednesday, in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office, The Capital Prosecutor’s Office reported that the minor was murdered by his own uncles, who are already in custody.

According to the first investigations, the defendants Flor and Rogelio “N”, presumably in an inconvenient state, lashed the child against the wall because he “would not stop bothering” and would not let them sleep. Once they realized the boy was dead, they left him in the alley where he was found.

The parents of the minor referred to the authority that they had left him in charge with his uncles and cousinsWell, they had to go to work.

The body of Freddy, 8 years old, was found in an alley in the Del Carmen neighborhoodin the vicinity of the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office, the victim was identified as Fredy “N”, sYour parents were working and left the child in the care of their cousins.

As reported, he left the home around 2 in the morning and when they searched for him, they found him “beaten to a pulp” at the aforementioned location.

He was immediately transferred to the Cuautepec Children’s Hospital, but it was already too late, the blows he presented were deadly for him.

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