4 games in which the goal did not arrive

The end of the first day of the group stage of the World Cup, leaves interesting data. Throughout this week, they shouted a total of 41 goals which, played 16 games, give a -not at all- negligible average of 2.5 goals per game. Of course, the goals of England 6 – 2 against Iran; the one that France gave Australia 4-1 and the one received by Costa Rica 7-0 at the hands of Spain, are the ones that raise the average, leaving it above two goals per game.

However, there is another point that is becoming a niche for comments on social networks and it is the four parties that, up to now, They have closed without annotations from either of the two teams. The first 0-0 in the World Cup was played by Denmark and Tunisia, who played in the first round on Tuesday, November 22. That day, beyond the thunderous defeat of the Argentine team, the two games that ended goalless remained in the retina of the fans. The only day that there have been two 0 – 0 matches during the same day.

Since then we have had at least one zero to zero per day: one on Wednesday the 23rd and one today, Thursday the 24th. The two on Tuesday were the aforementioned Denmark – Tunisia and the following Mexico – Poland. The following day, Morocco and Croatia also closed their first game without having been able to ‘open the can’ and today neither Uruguay nor Korea were able to violate the opposing goal, becoming the best zero to zero in the world.

Uruguay and South Korea joined the goalless matches of the World Cup in Qatar. Photo: EFE

To find similar numbers, we would have to travel to the year 1982, in Spain, in which, in the first matchday of the group stage alone, there were 3 goalless draws two of them during the first two days of the World Cup, so the first goal on that occasion came on the third day of competition, during the match between Germany and Algeria, scored by Rabah Madjer at minute 54, in match that ended up winning the African team.

In Russia 2018, the last World Cup, there was barely a match with a zero resultthroughout the tournament and it was between Denmark and France, on June 26, 2018, so it is very likely that this World Cup will leave us the The unexciting record of being the World Cup with the most goalless draws in history.

Until now, this mark is shared by the World Cups in Spain 82, Germany 06, South Africa 10 and Brazil 14, in which there were 7 draws throughout the tournament. On the contrary, the World Cups with less 0-0 draws, they were the first 3 world cups, Uruguay 1930, Italy 1934 and France 1938, in which the goalless draw stood out, but by its absence.

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