25 employees of a Swiss company were seriously burned after walking on hot coals

The workers were carrying out a group activity organized by their company when in one of the dynamics they had to walk on burning embers, which is why 25 were burned and 13 of them seriously injured.

Employees of a Swiss company were carrying out group activities when in one of them, which consisted of nothing less than walk on burning coals, 25 workers were burned and 13 of them seriously injured who required hospitalization.

According to klein reporta Swiss outlet, employees walked through a path full of burning embers several centimeters long and then complained of pain.

Quickly, the organizers contacted several ambulances to attend to the workers, who received first aid on the spot, however, 13 of them had to be transferred to care centers due to the severity of their injuries.

It all happened in the Au peninsula on Lake Zurich. In the activity organized by the goldbach marketing company there was also 150 people who witnessed the event.

According to an internal statement from the marketing company, the participants of the activity did it voluntarilytherefore, they were not forced to walk on burning coals.

To this, his CEO, Michi Frankadded that the workers had gone through a “proper preparation” before carrying out the activity, at the same time as he wished a speedy recovery to the injured and offered his support.

Currently, the country’s authorities obtained evidence and are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Until now, the Swiss company to which the affected employees belong has not referred to the fact.

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