2022 World Cup: the Devils qualified on Sunday?

Belgium were not proud to take the three points in this way against Canada on Wednesday night. But they are there and they are already giving the Devils a solid argument in the race for qualification. The proof by simulating the last two meetings, against Morocco on Sunday then Croatia next Thursday.

Two losses

The Devils will not be able to finish in one of the first two places and will be eliminated every time.

A draw and a defeat

That might be enough! But we would have to count on… Canada, which will have to draw (or beat) Croatia or Morocco. Belgium would pass with 4 points, but would finish second in their pool.

A victory and a defeat

The first place would not be assured but the qualification would be. If this second victory falls on Sunday against Morocco, the Devils could already prepare for the round of 16.

To finish first in this configuration, we will still have to count on a helping hand from Canada. And a scenario would allow Belgium to be assured of the lead this Sunday: beat Morocco while the Croats and Canadians share the points.

A win and a draw

First place would always go to the Belgians. Inevitably, it’s the same thing, even more beautiful, with two victories against Morocco then Croatia.

The glimmer of hope Eden Hazard

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