2022 trends in men’s fashion shirts

If there is a garment that cannot be missing in any male closet, it is the shirts from fashion for men. The reason? They have become a garment that can be worn every day and for all occasions, allowing any look to be leveled up, however simple it may be. The key is knowing how to choose the fabric and the design according to the occasion.

There are men’s shirts that never stop being in trend; such as white and sky blue, which look good when combined with suits or dress pants. But, they are not the only two alternatives. There are endless models, of all styles, that allow fashion lovers to get out of the classic and play a little.

Colors that set trends this 2022


Royal blue is the shade that is taking over all Spring/Summer 2022 collections, there are even some designers who already used it in the previous season in shirts for men. You can use it with everything, you just have to be careful when combining it with white or red.


Vibrant lime green is a color that will be seen a lot on shirts, the only thing you have to be careful about is when combining it with black or white dress shoes.


Men who are encouraged will be able to look from head to toe with this color. Monochrome orange outfits are coming a lot, even shoes. For those who dare to use this color, but only on the shirt, they must take into account that they can be contrasted with blue and black, it looks very good.


Yellow is in fashion! This is the classic shade of sun almost neon. It is a color that is not often seen in men’s shirts, but those who dare will achieve the latest fashion statement.

What kind of printed shirts are worn this 2022?

bright prints

Fashionable men’s shirts 2022 with short sleeves and a bright print are a must-have. They are no longer just an option for the beach, now they are ideal for casual looks.


Casual shirts with shorts and loafers or huaraches with socks are officially the 2022 streetwear trend.

The mix of classic and casual style no longer surprises today, but instead inspires new spring and summer looks. You can see this trend in a combination of white shirts with sneakers and jeans.

Casual clothing is famous for its practicality and versatility. And in this case, a shirt is a basic necessity. Denim models, cotton or linen shirts in the summer and fall of 2022 are worn on the bare body or on top of a T-shirt.


The classic pattern of a men’s shirt is plaid. Men’s shirt trends 2022 recommend choosing a red-black or beige-brown color scheme and pairing plaid shirts with shorts, jeans, and pants.


Striped shirts have become a fashion trend for both men and women this season. Male models have acquired many new styles, colors and options. Pinstripes or pinstripes, two tone or a wide range of shades, short sleeves, and a relaxed fit.

Military Green

Military is a very popular style. It wanders season after season, and it seems that it will never go out of style. But this is not necessary – things in this style look great.

Especially men’s shirts. Patch pockets, shoulder straps and khaki color – all this adds taste and style to a man.

They look great worn white t-shirts under shirts made of thick cotton fabrics with a dark camouflage pattern. Provide a little more style and finish completing the look.


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