“145 euros on average for each child”. The data of the single check

INPS has disclosed the data relating to the disbursements ofSingle check universal in the period March-June 2022. In total, 4.8 billion euros were paid into the prerogative of 5.2 million families and 8.4 million children. The average values ‚Äč‚Äčindicate that each family has requested the contribution for 1.6 children, obtaining 232 euros, or 145 euros on average for each child.

46% of the allowances were intended for families with Isee less than 15 thousand euros and who therefore received the maximum amount, i.e. 175 euros per month for each minor child or 85 euros for dependent children aged between 18 and 21 years old.

20% of the children counted belong to families who have not presented the ISEE and therefore have received the minimum, that is 50 euros per month.

The data, released byINPS Single Observatory, do not include those relating to the allowance paid to families who receive the Citizenship Income. To have this information it will be necessary that INPS has completed the integration of all available data.

What the data say

If we focus only on the month of June, it is the South that has benefited from the highest amounts, 166 euros on average per child in Calabria, while in the autonomous province of Bolzano the lowest average amounts have been recorded, equal to 131 euros per child. . The average value, or 145 euros for each child, is the result of weighted numbers based on age groups and decrees that, again on average, a check of 153 euros was paid for minors and adults were paid one from 83 euros on average. For families with dependent children with disabilities, the average amount was 229 euros.

By expanding the field to the previous months of the year, an overview is obtained, as in the image below.

It is the North that has benefited most from the measure, and this is not surprising considering that the largest number of requests comes from Lombardy, a region that alone has ten million inhabitants, about one sixth of the Italian population and is a proportion that holds even if the requests for disbursement of the allowance are observed, which correspond to approximately one sixth of the total. Following, for percentage values, Campania and Lazio.

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