News from Joyn: “The prisoner experiment” with Slavik Junge

“The prisoner experiment”, a new Joyn Original with Slavik Junge, will celebrate its premiere on November 26th. In it, the well-known social media star would like to find out in a humorous way what happens when twelve randomly divided people spend several days in custody. The audience can expect an exciting experiment with comedy elements.

From November 26th at Joyn: “The prisoner experiment” with Slavik Junge

“The Prisoner Experiment” is another Joyn Original by and with producer and two-time comedy award winner Mark Filatov alias Slavik Junge. The format emerged from the large community voting “You vote – I decide”, in which fans had the opportunity to vote which of three developed pilots they would like to see with Joyn in the future. First place went to “Do not excite”, closely followed by “The Prisoner Experiment”. Now is the time to swap the bed for a bunk and lingerie for a prison gown.

In the 1970s, the Stanford Prison Experiment by the scientist Philip Zimbardo caused a stir: by chance, the participants in the experiment were divided into guards and prisoners. “The prisoner experiment” is based on this experiment, but is a new edition of a special kind. Slavik Junge himself appears as an idiosyncratic prison director and, together with a behavioral psychologist, conducts exciting tests and challenges with the participants. In addition to excitement and thrills, you can expect the best Slavik boy humor you are used to. From November 26, 2021, Joyn will show two new episodes of the seven-part miniseries every week. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can see all the episodes right from the start with Joyn PLUS +.

Even more humor, even more from Slavik Junge

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