New Chicago bars watched a fan at the stadium gate

It adds up to a robbery of the local locker room on the day before the wake is held.

While the return of the fans to the Argentine soccer stadiums is beginning to be defined, with a meeting that will take place this Thursday, September 16, images of a group of bars from Nueva Chicago who approached the door of the institution and watched a fan with his coffin, drums and flags.

The situation, which is not the first time that it has happened in an Argentine club, adds to a robbery of the local locker room on the previous day the wake is held.

Hugo Bellón, president of the institution, spoke about it and downplayed Chicago’s situation as a club. “That is normal in all clubs and it was outside the club. There are people who ask to throw the ashes on the field. They approached the door of the club with a coffin of a person who had died and that has nothing to do with the robbery “, he assured.

In his continuity of statements with TN, the president made reference to the crime and that everything is still in legal proceedings. “We made the complaint. Until now there have never been detainees because in the security cameras of the City Government the Police could not identify them because it was night and they were wearing a chinstrap, “he added.

“We are a new leadership and there have already been several of these events. The robbery is a cost that the club must face in 500 thousand pesos. Those who did that are not fans and if we know who they are they will not enter any more “, sentenced the president of the Mataderos club.

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