New challenge: With all the illusion

This Thursday, September 16, the most important rink hockey competition on the national agenda will begin.

More than thirty clubs will be present, including the Hispanic American, who will play this championship in Rio gallegos until Sunday, September 19.

There will be two venues: The Gymnasium of the Boxing and the Municipal Gymnasium Juan Bautista Rocha.

The “Celestes” will be the protagonists and their debut will be on Thursday 16, nothing more and nothing less, with the classic rival Boxing B, at the Albiverde gym from 1:00 p.m. On the same day but at 20:00 they will make their second presentation at the Rocha Gymnasium, measuring themselves with Club Cordillerano de Esquel. The group phase will end for the Hispanic girls on Friday, September 17 from 4:10 p.m., again at the Rocha Gymnasium against Pehuenes.

There will be competition in Río Gallegos.


All the illusion for those directed by Sergio Antola and Claudia Muñoz, who will be accompanied by Enia Antola. The countdown began, anxiety and illusion emerge. The selection of the twelve players who will represent Hispano was difficult, after a meticulous search in which they were part: Fernanda Felgueroso, Agostina Antiñanco, Agustina Obando, Laura Camejo, Estefanía Levy, Verónica Loyola, Candela Gallardo, Lucía Gallardo, Marianela Salinas, Agostina Amatte, Candela Capra, Yesica Rogantini, Camila Espinoza, Martina Arriaga, Enia Antola, Catalina Amattela , Martina Coifman, Karen Rodríguez, Daina Huaquifil, Delfina Arriagada, Martina Maldonado, Michella Cramer and Rosario Pérez.

It is worth highlighting the unity of the group, the responsibility and the effort in each of the evaluative trainings. Here are those who will represent Hispano Americano in the National Track Hockey Tournament with more than four hundred participants among players, coaches and technicians: 12 Fernanda Felgueroso (sub18); 2 Estefanía Levy (Intermediate); 3 Verónica Loyola (Intermediate); 4 Agostina Antiñanco (sub18); 5 Saba Antola (sub18); 6 Agostina Amatte (1st); 7 Yesica Rogantini (Intermediate); 8 Agustina Obando (u18); 9 Candela Gallardo (1st); 10 Laura Camejo (u18); 11 Marianela Salinas (1st); 14 Lucia Gallardo (1st); Team Leader: Claudia Muñoz; DT: Sergio Antola and Technical Assistant: Enia Antola.

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