Netflix: the five best romantic comedies to watch this weekend

The weekend is near and from we offer you a list of the best Netflix romantic comedies to enjoy as a couple. The love movies in this ranking are all productions netflix originals, so you can only see them in this most used streaming content app in Latin America. We present you the titles from the worst to the best rated.

The first of the titles is “Love Hard “ that, although it was not awarded by critics, it did achieve more than 90% of the public acceptance. Starring Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang and Darren Barnet, this one hour 46 minute romantic movie will blow your mind.

“Love Hard (How hard is love)”.

The plot of this film is about a young woman who, after meeting her perfect man on a dating app, a writer from Los Angeles, United States, travels more than 4000 kilometers to surprise him. However, all that surprise turns out, in reality, to be a hoax.

The next one, which is also a Netflix original, is called “Beyond the party” and it was released in 2021. Its argument: “Cassie’s life is pure party … until she dies in a ridiculous accident. Now, to get to the afterlife, she must fix what she left unfinished here on Earth”.

Thumbs-up by audiences, this romantic movie stars Victoria Justice, Midori Francis y Robyn Scott. The duration is one hour 49 minutes.

“Love in Works” is the next on our list of romantic movies and ideal to see as a couple on a weekend. Starring Christina Milian, Adam Demos y Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, this film is one of the must-sees of the platform.

The plot: He traveled from San Francisco to the New Zealand countryside to revitalize a rustic inn. He was met with quite a few surprises, including a sexy contractor.

“‘Falling Inn Love’ warmly fulfills its promise, but without the slightest pretense of sophistication;” Simple and somewhat predictable rom-com … I’m all for it “;” Doesn’t exactly change the rom-com playbook, but it does diligently sticks to established rules with a charming cast and laid-back premise that it’s worth a reservation, “ were some of the comments we collected from Rotten Tomatoes.

“The Resort of Love” It is, without a doubt, one of the best romantic love titles in the app. Starring Christina Milian, Jay Pharoah y Sinqua Walls, this film has a good critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a thumbs up from other users.

“The Resort of Love.”

In her argument, after a romantic disappointment and professional failure, a singer accepts a job in a luxurious hotel complex, where her ex-fiancé is about to get married.

“A fun and energetic movie full of music and animated characters”; “Christina Milian is hilariously adorable in this romantic comedy about embracing closure with a former love”; “The final romance was a bit haunting, but Christina’s bubbly personality keeps it floating.”, were some of the critic’s comments.

Finally, if we talk about romantic comedies, Netflix offers us a jewel like “Set it Up: el plan imperfecto”, a movie starring Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell y Lucy Liu.

In one hour 45 minutes, this film, ideal to watch as a couple, is about the lives of two troubled office assistants who, desperate for a vacation, join forces to make their bosses, addicted to work, fall in love.

With a great rating of 92 points on Rotten Tomatoes and 68 points from the audience, this film is one of the fundamentals of the streaming platform.

“It’s an animated comedy with a lot to say about modern relationships”; “It’s wildly predictable and a bit cheesy. And yet it is a true gem of a movie ”; “A lovely and enjoyable story where you really enjoy all the main characters, which is hard to come by in the traditional rom-com genre of late.”, were some of the best reviews.

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