Néstor Jiménez Jr. to Camila Arteche: "You came to give me the truth and the kiss"

Cuban actor Nestor Jimenez Jr. he has again shouted to the four winds his love for Camila arteche.

Through a publication on his profile on Instagram, the son of also actor Nestor and nephew of Luisa María sent a beautiful message to his girl.

“I understand, you came to exploit the universe and give me the truth and the kiss” he wrote as a comment to an image where you can see both posing in the sea hugging and smiling.

“How beautiful that sea was for us. I love you” closed the post, which she did not take long to reciprocate with some equally emotional words: “How beautiful you are. I love you,” she replied.

At the beginning of last September the Néstor Jiménez Jr. confirmed his relationship with Camila Arteche through a question and answer section in the stories from your profile on Instagram.

Shortly after, in an interview with CiberCuba, the young man gave more details about their relationship and what Camila represents in his life.

Being with her heals me, does me a lot of good and fixes everything”, He said at the time.

Recently it became known that the play in which both work “Farándula: Interpol Operation”, directed by Jazz Vilá, will be taken to the movies.

Although Vilá explained to CiberCuba that he could not advance the cast that would be part of “Farándula”, he assured that it would be international and would have actors who had been in the theatrical performances.

Camila, for her part, went to her networks in the previous days to denounce the dissemination on Telagram channels of intimate content of Cuban women without their consent, and encouraged everyone to participate in denouncing such despicable practices, both those who knew of their existence and those who have been victims of them.

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