Neighbors caught a man who stole hamburgers from a Resistencia butcher shop

On Friday night, Chaco Police personnel reported that while walking the streets of Resistencia, they saw “To a mob that was struggling with a subject, who had stolen products from a butcher shop located on Avenida Alberdi in 1700”.

Then, they assured that in the face of the situation the troops proceeded to the immediate delay of the 33-year-old man who had in his possession a pack of 25 hamburgers.

Later, a 36-year-old man came to the police station and said he was in charge of the business premises where the robbery took place, and explained that moments before this person had taken the products from a refrigerator, and was chased by neighbors and employees of the place.

Finally, the detainee would have been notified in a case for “Supposed Theft”, and lodged in the intervening police station, as well as the complaint from the victim, and the products were delivered after accreditation.

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